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We are a certified Google Partner agency and Google PPC reseller with an excellent track record of running highly-efficient SEM and white-label PPC campaigns. We’re militant about staying up-to-date with the latest PPC tactics, products, and information to ensure we’re creating top-notch campaigns for your clients. There are many benefits to working with a white label PPC management partner, including:
1. Google PPC resellers are experts who work directly with Google.
So, when you’re looking for the right white label PPC management partner, keep in mind that Google PPC resellers work directly with Google to ensure they have the latest and most in-depth knowledge to create the best ads for your clients. In addition, they’ll use their vast expertise to make your marketing dollars go further and fully optimize your PPC campaigns.
2. White label PPC partners always use their expert knowledge for your clients and themselves.
When you’re looking for the right white label PPC management partner for your agency, be sure to check that they’re using the same SEO and PPC processes and knowledge for their own business. While the adage says that “the peddler’s children don’t have shoes,” that should not be the case for your PPC white label reseller. When you’re doing your research, ask your PPC partner if they incorporate the same practices and processes for their own business.
3. PPC resellers have access to the latest beta features for PPC tools and products.
These PPC partners work directly with Google, which grants them the exclusive privilege of testing out the latest PPC tool and product features. By extension, your clients will also have access to the newest beta features, which could give them an indirect advantage over their competitors.

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White-Label FAQs

Private label PPC services allows your SEO provider to develop an SEO strategy to match the needs of your clients’ national and local campaigns. This includes building out the technical capabilities to optimize link building, on-page SEO, and reporting for your clients.
The difference between white-label PPC and private label PPC services is that private label PPC services are usually created a reseller’s specifications. As a PPC reseller, your business or agency to resell PPC packages, local PPC services, link building, and reporting that the provider creates for you.
Depending on your provider’s service model, white-label PPC services include a range of solutions. For agencies, these solutions can include content creation and on-page optimization, PPC audits and analysis, reporting dashboards, and project management and agency consultancy.

While the answer to this question largely depends on your business goals and objectives, a PPC provide might be the right solution for you if you’re looking to downsize your overhead costs. With white-label PPC for agencies, you can:

  • Leverage proven PPC processes and deliverables without having to construct them yourself.
  • Add new PPC clients without having to without about staffing up to handle the increase in clients.
  • Add new revenue streams from existing clients without adding additional overhead.
  • Enjoy the benefits of cost-effective white-label PPC services and design.

Choosing the right PPC provider for your agency is critical. To find the right partner for you:


  • Look for a digital marketing partner, NOT a PPC vendor or PPC reseller.
  • Know the metrics they use to evaluate their PPC efforts and how they report their progress.
  • Choose a PPC reseller service provider with experience in your industry vertical.

Over 10 Years of White-Label PPC and SEM Experience

We have worked with marketing agencies for over ten years to provide their clients with highly effective PPC strategies and campaign management. Contact us to discuss how we can do this for your clients on a white-label basis.