How to Choose a White Label SEO Reporting & Analysis Company

How to choose a white label SEO reporting & analysis company.In today’s SEO-driven world, offering SEO analysis reports to your clients is a possible major selling point. However, if you don’t possess the expertise and/or bandwidth required to provide such in-depth reporting to monitor your clients’ SEO efforts, hiring a white label SEO reporting and analysis company can help.
Because SEO is such an integral part of any company’s success, there are (for better or worse) plenty of companies and consultants that provide SEO reporting solutions. This, however, can make your decision even more difficult as it can be challenging to immediately spot the good SEO reporting and analysis companies from the bad. Here are some tips to help you choose a white label SEO reporting and analysis company for your agency.

What Does White Label SEO Reporting and Analysis Entail?

Before we dive into unpacking exactly what white label SEO reporting and analysis can entail, we should define an SEO report since the end result can vary wildly. At its most basic, according to, “SEO reports give an overview of how a website is performing in search engines. Their focus is typically on domain metrics, organic traffic, and rankings. But they also highlight any work done by the SEO agency or freelancer.”
The purpose of providing SEO analysis reports to your client is to show the work you’ve done on their website and the progress you’ve made — in short, you’re providing proof to your client that they’re seeing a positive return on investment (ROI) from hiring you to help optimize their website. But rather than simply performing a data dump and sending it to your client, an SEO analytics report is the opportunity for you to help your client understand the data and the actions you’re taking to ensure their website continues to perform and rank well on SERPs.
As Search Engine Journal puts it, “every client or business has different goals. In many cases, your [SEO analytics] reports must be both elementary and robust — depending on who is receiving the report. But SEO reports are vital. You need to let your clients, upper management, and other stakeholders know how your SEO campaigns are performing.”
An effective white label SEO report should cover the following:

  • Progress. Not only is this section where you should explain the work you’ve done on their site so far, but this section should, as the name suggests, also show progress, e.g., how much their site has grown this month and how much the needle has moved since you provided your last report (or if this is a new client, since you conducted your initial SEO audit). Keep in mind that progress will look different to each of your clients, and you should tailor this section to reflect the progress that correlates to your client’s specific business goal(s).
  • Insights. This section should highlight any possible issues you uncovered or areas that need improvement that you’ll focus on over the coming months.
  • Recommendations. Based on the progress made and your insights, this section should identify and explain your recommendations for the next steps to your client.

The additional data and statistics you include in the white label SEO report should support your analysis and recommendations.

What Information Should You Include in Your White Label SEO Reports?

Organic Traffic Progress

If your client is looking to increase the amount of organic traffic to their website, this should be one of the first sections included on your white label SEO report.

  • Page-Level Traffic. Once visitors arrive at your client’s website, they may want to know which pages are attracting the most traffic. This information can identify visitor trends about which webpages need to be further optimized, the types of content that resonate most with their target audience, and where to funnel their advertising spend.

Conversion Rate and Goal Completion

While increasing the amount of traffic coming to their site might be one of your client’s most important goals, the increase in traffic won’t matter much if visitors aren’t converting. Once you’ve shared your client’s conversion rate, the other metrics and results in your white label SEO analysis will, hopefully, be able to explain why visitors aren’t converting. The best way to ascertain this information is by looking at your client’s goals and the completion status of those goals.

Ranking Progress and Backlink Health

While tracking keyword position and rank is important, it should be considered as part of the overall performance report and NOT as the end-all-be-all metric. Because, as Search Engine Journal points out, “Google shows different results based on a variety of factors, including history, personalization, and where the user is searching from,” it’s not wise to use your client’s ranking position on SERPs as the ultimate performance indicator.
For backlinks, there are a number of insights you can gain in terms of your client’s competitors and possible opportunities to improve their SEO. For example, if one of the pages on your client’s competitor’s website is attracting a lot of backlinks, you can suggest that your client create a similar page to see if they can replicate their competitor’s success in the recommendation section of your SEO analysis report.

Page Speed 

While you’ll have to look this information up in Page Speed Insight, a free tool provided by Google which “analyzes the content of a web page, then generates suggestions to make that page faster”, this metric is imperative to include in your white label SEO report now. So much of SEO performance and success hinges on websites providing a great user experience — page speed is one of the three factors used to rate user experience. Page Speed Insights analyzes the content on a webpage and generates suggestions to make the page faster.

Recommendations and Strategy

This is perhaps the most important information you need to include in your white label SEO report as this is the information that will turn your findings into an actionable strategy. You can either have an all-encompassing section that lays out your recommendations and strategy for each of the aforementioned topics, or you can list out your recommendations in each of the corresponding sections.

Looking for an Expert SEO Reporting for Your Agency

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